A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt

A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt
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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Shopping at Super Walmart here in the South has proven, in the past, to be pleasurable. The people working there are so helpful...but today I got a taste of the other side of things.

As many of you know, when you get Over-The-Hill you find you have to PEE more often and short of walking around, your body in the lead and a portable pee tank following you, Nature requires you obey her call and seek an appropriate rest room.

I have a portable shopping cart

I bought when we first moved here for a little under a hundred dollars because when you rely on Para Transit you are required to load EVERYTHING you buy in one trip. It's a nice cart, with tri-wheels that let it climb the steps with ease...and I DO have steps here...(I know this because last week I fell down those steps with my head hitting each step...and other things too.)...they're our way of accessing the breezeway from the parking lot. The climbing wheels make it that much easier for m e to get to our apartment door with daring my spinal cord to go out on me again. (Not a good thing since I have not COMPLETELY recovered from the Dec. 13th antics of my spine.) 

I went to the bathroom, parking may cart with my folding cart on  the metal platform beneath the cart. I didn't notice anything was amiss right away. Since I had a long wait for my return bus trip I decided to sit for a spell...giving my right leg and protesting spine some rest. But I did notice it almost immediately after sitting down...I retraced my steps, praying, but knowing in my gut it didn't fall off. (I secure it so well it is almost locked in  place.)

I went to Customer Service and reported my missing cart...not that it'll do me any good. Whoever took it was long gone by the time I first noticed it.

To the person who stole my cart...I hope your need of it is stronger than mine and my daughters. We ARE disabled...it will be months, maybe longer before I can THINK about replacing it.(The store I bought it from went out of business and I haven't a clue who else would have such a cart...which is kind of a moot point since I can't afford to replace it anyway...no even with a regular folding shopping cart.)

As someone who's 1/4 Cherokee, I am going to look on this as my way of honoring Potlatch...that is the Natives belief that you pass things you no longer have need of along to someone else who CAN use it. Although we still have need of it, I HAVE to look at it with the potlatch concept in mind.

It is a GREAT cart. If you take the canvas cart bag off, it is also a mini-hand truck. It's sturdy.

I do not understand why you felt you had to STEAL, but I truly hope you enjoy my cart.