A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt

A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt
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Friday, December 7, 2012


I have been a published author now since December 1, 2010, but long before my first book,

SANTA IS A LADY released, I began doing something I called COVER BLOGS, but my dear friend and one of the people I consider a mentor, Ginger Simpson, (love you Ging) renamed STATIONARY TRAILERS for covers that made my

eyeballs bug, my

heartbeat stampede and my

firing brain synapses want to run out and buy to see if the story behind the dynamic cover was as breathtakingly powerful as the cover suggested.

Back then I was a bit of a blogger snob though because I limited much of what I do to my own publisher

Muse It Up Publishing releases and left the rest of the publishing world dangling in their own


There are a LOT of us authors out here and yet, overall we have a small,

intimate community. Therefore I am now trawling for dynamic covers no matter where I find them...and BOY HOWDY do I have some to present in the days, weeks, and months to come.

You all know my daughter Kat Holmes...exquisite author of

The Artica Lights Series and

The Hekate's Web Series...just to name two...well she has a dear friend out here in

Cyberland she absolutely adores.

Last night Kat yelled at me..."Mom you got to see N.J's new cover...N.J. is OF COURSE gifted, multi-published author N.J. WALTERS...author of the fabulous Tapestry Series...Have you SEEN some of the covers for THAT series! OMG...Here's one my jaw drops over every time I see it...

Talk about having a BIG tapestry! 

Drool ladies...I know I do.

And just in case that one isn't enough to make you drool until you can drool no more...

...how about this one from her Legacy Series? Boy do I LIKE his legacy...don't you?

Or this one, also from her Legacy Series? I want to wash his boards, don't you?

But these aren't the covers Kat called me to see and even though they are shockingly powerful covers...

...THIS is the one I am writing about today from her new Hades Carnival Series...and sorry, this book is NOT out yet...but it will release from Samhain Publishing on April 16, 2013...so mark your calendars NOW!

Today, I am here to tell you why I snatched this cover to do this cover blog/stationary trailer.

I grew up in an era when

color TV began. We were awed by the concept of actually seeing people inside our little Magnovox boxes looking like we do. What technology the magical entertainment world had discovered...and yet...here were are, over a full decade into the twenty-first century and this cover screams at me in ways many colorized covers cannot.

Is it because it is SOOOO starkly black and white? Like the old film noir dramatics that still call to many of us today?

There is such RAW, radiating power pouring from this cover I can feel it all the way down to my toes.

MARK of THE BEAR! The bear is in the crumpled background...and I say "crumpled" because this cover is done in such a manner it makes me think of crumpled paper in somber shades of gray, black and white. Whatever images show within the crumpling, adds to the intensity of the cover's message.

MARK OF THE BEAR...breath-SQUEEZING and beyond brilliant! To the cover artist responsible for this masterpiece I have only one word to say...


I will be watching N.J. Walters' website and the minute this book goes up for sale or pre-order, I'm buying. How about you?


  1. Thank you so much, Lin. I'm so glad you love the cover. This is the second cover in the Hades' Carnvial series. Night of the Tiger, book 1, is similiar in feel. Can't wait to see what the art department does with the remaining two in the series. :)

  2. Okay...I'll have to do a FULL cover blog for the first one then...and I don't mind at all.