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Friday, March 22, 2013

The 2nd Amendment, Rape, and Idiocy

I am a rape survivor. I am not against protecting oneself, nor am I against guns, but I am against the concept in this country that we cannot deny the masses their rights to own guns unilaterally.

There are many who can access guns who would never pass the psychological testing minimally needed to set up red flags. I know too many of them. For instance when the government knows, without question someone is psychotic based on their VA disability, why is this person allowed to still play with guns?

In a world where animals do not trawl the woods decked out in body armor, please help me to understand why the average Joe needs to own assault weapons to go hunting?

There are those who argue we need guns to protect ourselves against rape...and as a rape survivor I can appreciate that argument...but I have a better argument...instead of giving Carte Blanche, lets make the sentences fit the crimes.

Rape is the only crime where the victim is guilty till proven innocent...and yet when the perpetrator is found guilty the system is lax in assigning appropriate punishment. Rape is a life sentence to the victim, yet it is nothing more than a slap on the wrist to the perpetrator.

How about we give the police the resources needed to make certain known criminals cannot lay their hands on weapons again? If the parole and criminal systems were given the manpower to enforce the ban against unsavories gaining access to illegal weapons...in the form of follow-ups, then why would we need so many guns in the hands of people who should not have them?

I was raped four days before my 18th birthday. I was a virgin. The judge found my rapist guilty, but because of extenuating circumstances he was given a pass. What extenuating circumstances you might ask...his wife had just given birth and the poor man had gone without sex for such a long time...so how could he be guilty of such a heinous crime as violent rape? And yet he was. (It did not matter that he'd bitten through my lower lip...sorry, but my lip had nothing to do with his need for release down there...BUT...the poor guy had been denied sex while his wife went through the physical upheaval of giving birth to his child.)

He was given a pass...two days later he was trying to rape another young woman. Guns had NOTHING to do with his attempt to rape another young woman, but according to modern politicos if we deny guns to the masses, rapists not stopped by concealed weapons who rape again would only have done so because victim one had not shot him in his gonads the first time around. I had my rapist's gonads by the Scales of Justice only to have those Scales tip because my rapist used his wife's giving birth to justify him raping me. Does that mean we do not need the Scales of Justice these politicos purport to be part of?

I agree with the statement about guns not killing people...people kill people and anyone determined to kill will kill, but if people did not have such easy access to guns, fewer guns would be employed in the act of killing people.

I do not know what the Founding Fathers meant when they fashioned the Bill of Rights and specifically the 2nd Amendment, but neither does anyone else. Without a time machine to carry me back into the minds of the Framers as they were creating the Constitution NONE of us can really know what they were thinking...except they'd just come out of a horrific war where the MILITIA needed to be armed to battle the army sent from Britain to crush their rebellion.

I can imagine after that none of them wanted to risk another such revolution...and since we had the War of 1812 I assume the Founding Fathers enacted the 2nd amendment by once more arming the masses to battle the invasion.

But...now here's a question for all of you gun aficionados today...do you think the Framers would have wanted women to have guns? They made NO reference at all to women doing so...so if we are to adhere to the letter of the Constitution as created/written by the Framers, women are NOT protected by the 2nd Amendment concerning guns...so all arguments about women protecting themselves against rapists by having guns is against the design of the Constitution.

Need I remind today's women, the women who fought to get us the same rights as men were incarcerated, beaten and in some cases brought to death to give us the rights the Framers everybody applauds so loudly, did not!

I am a rape survivor. I brought my rapist before the court system. A MALE judge let him go because the poor dear hadn't had sex in several weeks, even though he declared my rapist guilty...only to have my rapist trying to rape another woman two days later.

I love my country so much I want to see those charged with enforcing the laws have the resources to do so, but why would they have to defend us against criminals with weapons they should not have access to?...Our political system is too busy worrying about the gold lining the pockets of the gun makers and sellers and not the police needed to really protect the masses. Let's put our justice where it really belongs.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


There's so much happening in the world right now for this intrepid

Ladybug Lin to let loose about...but I must be circumspect...so here goes.

My first

RANT comes about because

Kat, my delightful daughter, started huffing and a puffing when she read the retired pope...you know...good old

Benny...is going to be getting...are you ready for this...$250,000 a month, a fully furnished home he NEVER has to pay ANYTHING to maintain...and too many more perks to enumerate...(the gullible followers of the Apostle Peter will have to pay for..and what is with

kissing that frigging ring? That's something KINGS require...not religious leaders...at least not religious leaders who don't think of themselves as kings...but reflecting on history...what pope ever acted like he wasn't sitting upon a

kingly throne?)...But I digress...

$250,000 a month...who the FRAG needs that kind of money...and what happened with the

VOW OF POVERTY? Boy am I glad I am a RECOVERING Catholic and do not tithe to this. Once upon a time, and for a brief time Kat worked for the Diocese near us when we lived in NJ as a secretary. Her insides did a complete regurgitation when she got the memo she was to type and send to the parishioners. The head honcho in that CELL of this faith was retiring...somebody decided for a retirement gift they were going to send this honcho...who BTW...was driving a NEW black Lincoln Continental...on a cruise to Alaska..so she typed a command that said...EVERY PARISHIONER MUST DONATE NO LESS THAN $50.00 PER PERSON TO THE RETIREMENT CRUISE OF "BISHOP RICHIE RICH" OR BE EXCOMMUNICATED!

Again...where"s the vow of
 I happen to know where it is...with the nuns...

ever see a nun retiring to what is virtually a MANSION?

Again...boy am I glad I'm a RECOVERING Catholic!

MOVING ON...God I have so much to say...

Campaign reform...I've never understood why things are so out of control...It would be so easy to get graft out of the election process...How?...Well, the government controls the media. They could COMMAND that "x" number of hours be delegated to candidates...and ONLY "x" number.

I am sick to DEATH of being bombarded by the constant parade of commercials by candidates; with the most coming from whoever swindled the most contributions for his/her war-chest. If the government made it mandatory that the stations, ALL the stations...even FOX, TV and radio aired the "x" number of promotions and ONLY those "x" numbers...it'd cut down on the need to attend dinners where it's like

$500-1000.00 a plate just so you can brag about hobnobbing with the candidate..or for candidates to SELL their candidacies to the highest bidders.

Also the government has it's own

printing department...look at the tons of paperwork coming out of their publication department for every proposed bill with all its inflated pork and you can't refute they have their own publication department.

My idea about this? The government allows "X" numbers of pamphlets to be printed on THEIR press, and no more is allowed from ANY other source...violators will be prosecuted!

I don't know about you, but I HATE getting pamphlets for months that say the same things from the same blithering candidate. If you MUST cram my mailbox, wait until the week before the election. Don't make me cart your propaganda for two solid years to the recycle paper bin.

My legs don't like that!

What else...ahhh clothing...the candidates get a stipend and no more is allowed...It's not criminal to be seen wearing the

same clothes while campaigning. Actually seeing you in the same clothes makes you more human.

My final rant has to do with

Seth McFarlane and his hosting the Oscars last Sunday...I don't know whose idea it was to hire him, but WHAT THE FRAG! First of all...WHO THE FRAG IS HE? I didn't know his name. When I heard his name and that he was hosting I turned to Kat and asked, "WHO THE {Hockey Stick} is he?" She shrugged and said "DON'T ASK ME, MOM."

I remember when Bob Hope hosted the Oscars...many years in a row and gave us some really GREAT moments. Bob,
thanks for the memories.

I remember

Billy Crystal,

Whoopi Goldberg,

Eddie Murphy,

Hugh Jackman, and if my memory is not sailing on a sea of forgetfulness, didn't

Johnny Carson also host? They had recognizable names...so again WHO THE FRAG IS

SETH MC FARLANE, AND WHY DID THE ACADEMY HIRE A MISOGYNIST? Anyone who listened to Seth sing, tell jokes, and lift his dubiously expressive brow could not come away not KNOWING he's a HATER!

I don't usually watch the Oscars...I gave last year's a miss because nothing and no one nominated mattered to me...Last Sunday I watched because

Les Miserables...I love Hugh Jackman...

Argo...Ben Afleck has grown as a man, an artist, and now a director so much since his Bennifer days, and Lincoln...I'm a history buff...

Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field were brilliant as Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. All these amazing films and actors were nominated for many awards...so I watched.

I was ROYALLY disappointed...and ticked off! McFarlane warbled about seeing actresses naked...but each one he warbled about was shown naked because her character was being RAPED! McFarland didn't mention that...which makes ME wonder if he's a fan of the

who spent much of the past year poo-pooing crimes against women.

I don't turn on the Oscars expecting to be slammed by the same level of HATE I get every day from a certain group of politicians I hope do not get re-elected their next time around.

This country SHOULD have come farther than this..and award shows should be hosted by someone we recognize and will enjoy. I hope the selection committee wises up.

And that concludes my

MOUTHING OFF for today...but who knows what tomorrow will bring...