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A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

When AGE is more than a three letter word!

I never thought the 

Day of Ignominy would come, again...and yet it's here. 

Truth be told it's been here since December 13th when I woke up and found I 

couldn't walk...

Nope...not total truth...I've had periods in the past when the spine just went on vacation leaving a boatload of pain behind, but never for this long.

Here it is August and I haven't been a day without some level of pain...usually moderate, but never less than that. 

Growing old is definitely not for the weak of constitution. 

I was telling a friend the other day that I think the 

constant pain in my spine from the discs and everywhere else from the RA starting to make me physically feel nauseous...which plugged in a 

light in my feeble brain...

Everyone is trying to get me to down anti-depressants...(have you heard the side-effects of these drugs? One is increased interest in committing suicide? How does that help LIFT me from my depressed state? Well I guess it WOULD permanent remove me from being depressed...wouldn't it?)

Back to topic...my recent doctor, the first to actually 

LOOK AT the multitude of MRIs, CT scans and X-Rays done on my person before blowing gobbledy 

smoke out his mouth, said I have a LOT wrong with my back...the spine being only one area, and he'd be surprised if I WASN'T a hurting puppy suffering a LOT of 

depression from the high level of pain. 

WOW someone who isn't trying to turn me into a blithering, head-banging 

basket case? 

Age...it's a pitiful place to find yourself after a lifetime of trying to rise above the pain and always stand upright.

Will I succeed? 

The last time I had to bite down on the bullet and force myself to get through the pain I was thirty one...thirty...yessiree...

thirty years ago. Do I have the stamina to trudge through another thirty years? 

Age is not for the weak...but am I strong enough to do this 


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