A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt

A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Change is in the air, and nowhere is that more prominent than at the multi award winning publishing house, MUSEITUP PUBLISHING.

Now, as we approach our FOURTH anniversary, more and more the covers are becoming COSMIC events  that will be calling the generations behind us to jump on the Muse It Up Bandwagon...

Good covers are...




Novas in the making.They'll be lighting up the reading skies for centuries to come.

So, from this point on, instead of a Holiday Muse Cover Parade...every week I am going to spend a few hours looking through both stores and choose the covers that make my eyes go WOW...During this process I will keep a list and give the covers 1-5 stars...then go back and from the five stars choose one from each side.

So I'm off now to trawl through the Muse It Up and Muse It Hot Publishing Book Stores and look through the covers...Any that call to me, I will showcase here.

I'll be back with the winner of the FIRST....on the mainstream side in a second.

I found the first Mainstream OMG cover and it is truly worthy of being thought of as OMG.

Check back each day...it's going to take some time catching up.

Once I've caught up, I will only announce one new cover a day or as they become available.

If you have a Muse cover you want me to consider, please e-mail me offlist at Spatzdkat1212 AT yahoo DOT com. 

At the end of the year, after Christmas and right before New Year's. the cover with the most votes will win that Cover Artist a special gift, and the author attached to it, a Ladybug Lin Blog Post showcase. (Ginger Simpson calls what I do, Stationary Trailers.)

I'll need to ask for votes...You can vote for as many covers as you want, but please only one comment/vote per cover. 

The first cover...

(drumroll please)...is....
The Girl & The Dragon...Book by Alice M. Roelke, cover by Charlotte Volnek.

OKAY Charlie how does it feel to be FIRST in MY COVER HALL OF FAME?

The SECOND Mainstream was nominated by the author of the book...now I can assure you not all authors LOVE the covers they get, so when an author nominates a cover of THEIRS from a particular Cover Artist...that speaks VERY highly of the Cover Artists skill, professionalism, and willingness to bat the cover ball back and forth.

Marsha R. West gives Charlotte Volnek her nod...which is a good thing, on the sale page for Marsha's book, the CA is not yet listed, so I would have had a hard time figuring out which CA to give credit to...

TRUTH BE TOLD by Charlotte Volnek is officially plugged into the Revolt on the mainstream side at position TWO


side of Muse....Wish me Well!

OKAY...I'm back...and the cover that popped most for me is done by an artist I must have missed when she joined us...but her work, at least what I've seen of her covers so far...


COLD DARKNESS by Michele Micheal Rake, 

cover done by Shirley Burnett

There you have our first two covers 

Okay we're now at more than two...so the Hall is growing bigger for those in the running for the End of year Cover Extravaganza from both sides now!

Help me make it a Count-down-to 2105 that will out revel Ryan Seacrest's bringing down of the Ball in New York.

Time to name the second in the HOT covers...What cover will it be, and what CA will either add to their current presence or 
It's not new...but every time I see this cover, my taste buds begin to drool... A powerful book by John Rosenman, the OMG cover is by NIKA DIXON.

throw their digital paint brush into the mix?

That brings the tally so far to:

Shirley Burnett........ONE
Charlotte Volnek......THREE

Keep checking in...and


Check back tomorrow for the next two covers...and remember VOTE, VOTE, VOTE


  1. Although both are Beauuuutiful, I think I'll vote for Shirley's COLD DARKNESS.

    1. Thank you Jamie

      One vote for COLD DARKNESS...excellent!

  2. Glad you're feeling well enough to do all this, Lyn. I've thought for a long time, MIU has some of the best CAs anywhere!
    You realize we'll be picking among really awesome covers and difficult. And it's all very subjective.
    Be that as it may, I'll vote for Charlie's The Girl and the Dragon. :)

    1. Thanks Marsha...Trust me I KNOW how difficult it's going to be. Whittling it down to just two was hard for me. But the talent we now have at MIU deserves accolades. I'm happy to be get the ball rolling:

      ONE VOTE for CHARLIE VOLNEK'S The Girl and the Dragon

    2. Oh and Marsha doing this helps take my mind off the pain. When I was battling cancer I fought the effects of chemo and radiation by studying for my PhD...this is so much more fun.