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A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt
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Monday, June 10, 2013


I'm Ladybug Lin...and I get to mouth off when the urge hits...I ALSO get to decide what topic I want to mouth off about...Hey this is a blog...NOT a democracy!

Today I am going to introduce what will probably be an ongoing

MOUTH-OFF topic...but today is a first....because it IS the


hear some fanfare!

I am drawn to

books more often than not because of covers...and I just saw this cover for a book releasing from

Muse It Up Publishing in October...Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have an IN at MIU and I get to find out about stuff WAY ahead of the

Maddening Crowd.

So take a look at this cover and then we'll talk!
Pretty darned FANTASTIC isn't it? And you know what's super fanstastic about it...

Suzannah Safi is both the author AND the CA.

WHY do I

love this cover? First...there's the seductive length of leg...subtle in the over all scheme of things...and yet it really isn't. I was always complimented on my legs...which is a good thing when you grow into womanhood during the age of mini-skirts, hot pants, and t-shirt covered bikinis...

(When Kat was fourteen, she was taking a photo class in school and had a RED, WHITE, AND BLUE theme...so she arm twisted me to pose for her. Note...the t-shirt is red, the shoes are white, and even though you can't see it in this pic, despite Kat having me jut my butt cheek out, I AM wearing a blue bikini beneath the shirt...I was just short of 40.)

The way Suzannah drapes the leg, the red skirt of the dress flowing like lengths of raw silk over the curve of her hips...again subtle...but not! I'm also kinda crazy about the way her exposed arm suggests she's aware of how delightful her form is, but doesn't feel the need to broadcast it like she's a walking ticker tape skin parade.

Her pose is grace most

regal...which is emphasized by the sweeping elegance of the landscape behind her...a stately mansion with majestic

collonades...spires rising into the storm brewing sky, and the slightest suggestion of a delicate but present wind in the differing placement of the many leaves takes my breath away.

OKAY...admittedly I would not stand in a bookstore staring at a cover long enough to take in all that detail...but that's the beauty of this cover...I don't need to. The heroine, alone, the cynosure of your captured eyes, tells all you need to know.

So as covers go, this is a definite success because I WANT this book..so I will be watching for its release...and isn't that what every author hopes the cover of his or her book does?

I am Ladybug Lin, and if I were giving a review based on this cover I would have to give it

FIVE Stars...

The font for the title is bold in it's lettering and it's graduating color scheme, striking. The font for the author's name is less bold but such a pleasant contrast because you can CLEARLY read it, and the color matches the highlights of the fading sunlight on the collonades. It also draws you because of how close it is to the drape of her almost exposed knee.




  1. You until you brought all of the cover to my attention I didn't notice it. :-) Of course it did catch my eye and eventually after buying it I would have started analyzing the cover art. Bad habit on my part. ;-) This is a true piece of artwork. Kudos to Suzannaha Safi! Congrats on your up and coming and the beautiful eye catching cover you created. Awesome job ladies!


  2. Thanks Alix. I don't have a degree in any kind of art...although I ADORED my Intro to Art prof and spent extra time sitting in his office picking his creative brain...It took me a while to learn what makes a GREAT cover. Kat and I have a friend who is a salaried Cover Artist, and covers of ours we THOUGHT were good, she showed us why they fell short.

    Suzannah did the covers for my recent release ECHOES FROM THE PAST and my second collaboration with Kat, ONE NIGHT STUD and both covers are ALIVE with incredible detail.

    Suzannah also did ALL of the Lacey's Lamp Covers, including Kat's HANNAH'S WISH and she did book two in Kat's Artica Lights Series REFLECTIONS OF ICE...and may I say OMG! The Woman is nothing short of BRILLIANT as I said in my posting.

    I found Suzannah's new cover last night, and the moment I saw it I KNEW I had to showcase it in detail.

    I'm going to be doing this again...but a cover has to REALLY grab me for me to spend the extra time to give it this level of praise.

    LUCKILY we have some really GIFTED CAs...and I know some others throughout the industry who deserve and will get the praise.

  3. I admire writers who are also artists. How wonderful it must be to combine both talents. Lovely cover. It says so much. I'm sure it captures the essence of Suzannah's novel. It has to be a romance about Scottish nobility, I'm guessing.