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Friday, July 26, 2013



rude when I hear it...but where was I when someone stole my demographics?

I am not an 

innocent child with the blush still glowing upon my apple cheeks any longer...THANK GOD...you don't want to know what life was like for me when I was...

I'm not the ebullient 

young woman with the high cheekbones, aristocratic nose, and body that got a lot of wolf whistles from passing heavy duty truck drivers...again THANK GOD...I often found that embarrassing...or worse.

I'm not the sultry woman hiding her light beneath the long, but refined granny gowns that guys always told me I wore to make men guess....not true, I wore them because they were comfortable and the light material easier to keep my body cooler during the dog days of summer. 

I'm not the brilliant middle aged woman who enchanted my professors with the rapid repartee I was capable of engaging them in back in their offices after class. The debates we had were amazing!

I'm just me! A Mom who has never stopped BEING a Mom but somewhere along the line has also become an opinionated 

Ladybug with an ability to string a bunch of words together and write, somewhat coherently...most of the time...So again...where was I when somebody stole my demographics?

Y'all know I live with Kat Holmes, my equally brilliant, award winning, and yes, she can claim BEST SELLING author, daughter and our 

two kitties who let me think I'm in charge. I've been dragging my little...well not so little any more...red wagon around for a LOOONNNNGGGG time now...When I was young, 

age meant acquired wisdom deserved our respect...today it means "YOU'RE NOT A PART OF OUR TARGET DEMOGRAPHICS, MA'AM!"

I think I always SUSPECTED I was...{gulp} 

over the hill...but to have some saccharine snip of a voice, on the other end of the phone...especially when you consider I still SOUND like a little girl, telling me I'm NOT a member of their target demographics so she doesn't need to address my issues...is just plain RUDE!

Let me explain...I'm sure you've seen the ads for that quick french fry cutter on TV...Quick and easy...so easy ANYONE can do it...right? So I bought one for $9.99 plus 10% sales tax.

Infomercial must not HAVE to adhere to the TRUTH IN ADVERTISING laws, because this thing is so NOT easy...especially is you have Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Tell them that and like a light bulb blinking on above their jaded heads the image

OLD pops into their brains...and they don't mind letting you KNOW they now think of you as nothing but 


In my case, they're right...My 

demographic ship seems to have sailed...but RA strikes people in their twenties. 

Has THEIR ship sailed too?

If I am not part of the demographic 

world they want, then they should make that clear in their advertising and I should NOT be allowed to purchase this crap. 

What good does it do me to buy it, get it home, pull it out, set it up, 

prepare the taters, only to find I haven't the strength to engage the EASY blade system?

My demographic ship has sailed...

SO TELL ME your product is not meant for those with arthritis, or hoof in mouth disease. We have a right to expect truth, not rudeness AFTER the fact. 

This is Ladybug Lin 

MOUTHING OFF about the 

RUDE snip of thing who let me know I am NOT a part of the demographic 

mother lode her company is aiming for, therefore my discontent means NOTHING to her or her company!

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  1. Don't they know that all the baby boomers are "old" now? Why does everybody love Betty White? What's her appeal? I think it's because she is "real" AND she is funny. Funny doesn't have an age! Creativity doesn't expire. I don't relate to an author. I relate to their creations!!!