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A- MUSE-in Cover Revolt
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Friday, April 18, 2014


SEEKER is book TWO in Kat Holmes' award winning Vampire series, HEKATE'S WEB.

It sort of picks up where Book One HIDDEN ends. Lilith, that kick ass FEMALE vamp from book one is off shopping with the other female vamps. After spending 30 years HIDDEN, thank you very much Hekate for keeping Lilith HIDDEN for so long in your web.  

Lilith deserves at least ONE shopping trip with the GIRLS, doesn't she? Especially after all the ass she kicked in Book One. 

Good thing she's off shopping...if she weren't, there's no way she'd allow ATU, with his mega TUDE to go find/kidnap a psychic and head off in search of the orb Hekate wants the good vamps run by 

Benjamin to find before the bad vamps run by the nefarious 

Montague does.

This is one seriously BAD orb. Three men died entombing it centuries ago...

Atu takes on the quest, first to decode the scroll Hekate drops in the good vamps laps. They have to locate each element of the 


time's running out.

Lots of edge of your seat tension...HOWEVER...once the parts of the KEY have been located, then comes the hardest part...locating the ORB.

The bad vamps are nipping at Atu's heel...Correction...Atu's and his kidnapped psychic, 


Atu is not the most patient or understanding seeker, but Edeline IS the real deal...

a psychic more powerful than the vampire can begin to understand...and less you all forget, hovering in the background, directing many aspects of Atu and Edeline's quest is 

Hekate...a goddess more manipulative than The Fates in weaving a tapestry so complex, you'll wonder if she's for or against the good vamps.

SEEKER...edge of your seat action...deception...and more. 

And OMG...right now...guess what? If you buy SEEKER via MIH, you'll get 

HIDDEN for FREE...BOTH books for the price of ONE! Can't beat that can you?

Follow the SEEKER link to Kat's MIH buy page and read more.

Vampires...gotta love 'em.

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