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Thursday, April 10, 2014


VAMPIRES...they're are every where! In books, on TV, in movies, and in gossip around the water coolers at work or the cafeteria tables at school.

I got into vampires by accident. I picked up a book called SAFE HARBOR by Christine Feehan...not about vampires, but about SEVEN sisters with tons of paranormal powers.

Once you've read one book by an author than excites you, its natural to start looking at other books written by the same author...and this lead me to Ms. Feehan's Carpathian Series...a rich, many booked series.

I also got my hands on Sherrilyn Kenyon's, Dark Hunter's Series and Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Series. (Others have come and gone along the way, but these were the ones I latched onto with a tenacity that kept me lapping them up for several years...although, honesty requires I admit I only STILL buy Christine Feehan.)

There are reasons why I moved away from some of these authors...and although I still am avidly reading/buying Christine Feehan, I am not crazy about so much of my hard earned book money ending up purchasing a dictionary of Carpathian dialogue, chants, and other non-necessary minutiae. Still, the stories are still rich enough to keep me coming back for more.

I ADORED Sherrilyn Kenyon and eagerly anticipated ACHERON'S story....but the woman we were directed to believe was his mate, somehow disappeared in the long awaited ACHERON release. When you've been eagerly following the breadcrumbs, it leaves a sour taste in your reading digestion when the promise luring you to hang in there, doesn't come to pass. Acheron's story was brutal, without the anticipated reversal of his fortunes.

My turning away from SOOKIE STACKHOUSE I cannot blame on Charlaine Harris' authorship...but on the idiot behind the TV series TRUE BLOOD. The TV show came into being many years after we, the fans, had been salivating over the trials and tribulations of Sookie, and Eric...I really did not like Bill...he was such a vamp nosing creep...but for reasons I'll never understand, unless it's because the actor who portrayed him became Anna Paquin's real life hubby, he on TV morphed into Eric's superior...Bill, who JUST became a vamp during the Civil War? YUCK!!!

The TV show RUINED the book series...but it goes farther...if you go in today to look up the Sookie series on Amazon, the series comes up as (SOOKIE STACKHOUSE/TRUE BLOOD) series. I was turned off to the series with the onset of Season TWO...so I knew the series ONLY as THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE Series.

I understand the lure of seeing your work on TV or on the screen...but when your loyal fans have taken the years to BUILD you into such a success to give so much of the creativity that made us LOVE Sookie away puts (PAID IN FULL) to your dedication to your fans and our reason to stay loyal. I regret to say I could not bring myself to read new Sookie books, nor could I reread the ones I had...(I'd purchased the entire series in hard cover up until Season two shattered the foundation of the Sookie Series...ended up donating them to the local library.)

I gravitated away from vampires, with the exception of the Christine Feehan Carpathian Series (despite the over abundance of Carpathian fillers)...never intending to go back.

I found SHAPESHIFTERS....AHHHH another paranormal form of heaven...and luckily it was at the same time I got my Christmas Miracles Series published at Muse It Up Publishing, December 1, 2010.

I was afforded the glorious opportunity to read authors at the beginning of their magnificent climb to world-wide fan-dom 
So who did I find?

Oh Be Still my lucky heart...My first...the incredible 

STARING INTO THE EYES OF CHANCE also by Kay Dee Royal, and its sequel

Guess you can tell Ms. Royal is a star on the cusp, and she also loves werewolves...Having read all of her books so far...I can promise one and all, you will too!

I'd be very remiss if I didn't tell you all about S.Durham...WOW!
THE LYCAN MOON was my first S. Durham werewolf tale...and of course it made me panting for MORE.
JAGUAR SUN... also by S. Durham, is phenomenal!

And then you can truly get into the ups and downs of the werewolfie world with Heather Kuehl. Didn't see this one coming...but OH WHAT A STORY! Worth the read!

I thought I'd died and gone to wolfie heaven when Tierney O'Malley came to Muse and released HER first tale of furry whoop-t- doo
WOLF'S SOUL...fangs...oh yeah!

WALKER'S RUN by Mel Favreax...hang on a second while I lick my chops...
I haven't read this next one yet...just found it...but it looks SCRUMPTIOUS in a dangerous kinda way, also by Mel Favreux...

Werewolves...but Dragons are shapeshiting among us too... 

Bryan Fields gave me a tremendous..."so you want to be an animal" story with his book...What a delightful read!

I could go on and on and on...but I'm a creature of habit...plus I get the rare privilege of getting to read the next author's books as they are in the making.

As you already know I have an EXTREMELY high standard when it comes to VAMPIRE tales...I'm constantly amazed by the creative brilliance of this next MUSE author's HEKATE'S WEB vampire series. 

She doesn't waste time with elaborate...easy to forget titles...oh no...she goes right for the literary jugular and pours AB+ tales into you receptive heart, stoking your salivary glands, and giving you stories to drool over, so you'll beg for more. (JUST like a Master Vamp!)

Kat Holmes' HEKATE'S WEB SERIES...is waiting.
HIDDEN book one...30 years Hekate has kept Lilith percolating after seeing to it she got turned. WHY?
SEEKER book two...Atu must decode the ancient scrolls Hekate hands her vamps. They MUST find the horrifyingly powerful orb before the evil ones do. What lengths will he go to fulfill Hekate's mandate?

There you have it...my whys and wherefores about authors I adored but grew weary of, and the authors who are stirring my reading passions anew and why. 

Follow the links to all the books above...you won't be sorry.

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